Saturday, March 24, 2012


What do you think of The Wanted? Just randomly heard this song on the radio and kinda liked it. check it out:

Hooray for EVERYONE!

All you small people out there, including myself who is probably the smallest, be proud of it! Everyone always says your too skinny and the other day on youtube, I saw some one comment that anorexic people are stupid. They don't choose to be that way! It disgusts me how people judge each other and have to be mean to one person to respect the other. You shouldn't have to call small people stupid just to raise up bigger people. That's just worse than how it was in the first place!Another example, today I was at forever 21 and since I don't really look like most kids my age, the lady at the fitting rooms turns toward me and crouches down and says "hi", in such a babyish voice. I said i have five clothes... and she replys, ok sweetheart let me get that for you! i wanted to tell her to her face, "hey! i'm not a three year old, lady!" Everyone should be treated equally, whether your big or small, black or white, etc. Then I walked out the doors with my bag over my shoulder, showing her I could make a purchase too. I just wanted to tell everyone that, so thank you for enduring this long reading! ( and i din't mean to direct this post to small people, it's just I was using myself as an example. Because if I wasn't I would be just as bad as the problem!!)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dolce and Gabbana- Leather meets Lace

Another spring trend, by Dolce and Gabbana, "Leather Meets Lace." A feminine and biker look combined, which I personally love! Shop it now: Or just look below for some of the " Leather Meets Lace" clothing/accessories. ( Sorry I couldn't get more stuff, the site won't allow me! but, simply view them here: 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Vera Wang

How did I get the idea for wedding dresses from Vera Wang? Well, I was looking at a Kohl's catalog we got in the mail, and came upon these flats that were uber cute! Then I looked up the collection online, found her wedding dress collection instead, and thought ' Many people get married in the spring time, why not do a wedding gown post?' And I did. Vera's designs are so fresh, clean, and simple looking with a bit of flare. I just like how there's not too much going on and not too plain either, and some of the styles are even sort of vintage looking, with a bit of modern daringness, however you want to call it..... Well, I couldn't post my faves because the website won't let me save the pictures, but here's the whole collection below! Enjoy!
                                                                      -Savvy Sarah-

Vera Wang | Wedding | Bridal Collections | Spring 2012

Monday, March 19, 2012

A little help!?

Hi readers,
I look down upon myself for asking this of you because I am supposed to be giving you advice, but this time, I really need you input! I'm going to the regional science fair this Friday and have to look "dressed up". I don't know what to wear! I know it sounds dumb, looking pretty for a science fair of all things, but this is important! (not that I want to do it or anything.......) haha...... seriously, I hate science, I don't know how I got picked! I wish I could just stay home and zzzzzzzzzz!
Anyway, tell me which style of dress you like better on the comments.
Thank you guys!

Hatin' science,
Savvy Sarah

like the dresses?
get them at forever 21

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Beach Bag Bingo

today I was thinking to myself as I looked at my gray "sleepover/beach bag", 
"if i'm going to the beach this spring break, i need a new beach bag!
and one thing led to another.......... :)
these bags below are for either thrift shopping at the beach, riding a bike, or simply just a swim bag (my fave, relaxing @ the beach is the best!) I went a bit "daring" with some of them, but they are ALL ADORABLE!!!!!!!!
(all at ASOS)

Stylista Contest- RETAKE!

Okay, remember how I made a stylista contest? Well I didn't really give that much notice so no one entered! Another reason is because I don't have many viewers of my blog since I just started blogging a few months ago, so please tell your friends about this contest and my blog! :) Anyway, I'm going to give you guys another chance to enter and the deadline is on: April 10, 2012, 12:00 am Pacific Daylight Time.
If you haven't seen this yet scroll down for info on the contest and please, please, enter!!!
Savvy Sarah :)

Are you a stylista? Well, if you are, you are totally going to love this contest. Here's all about it:

What you have to do:
1. create a look for spring that includes:
top and bottoms (or a dress); flats, oxfords, or heels; at least two accessories (two earrings does not apply!); and a killer hairstyle and makeup! and take a picture of it.
2. list the brands of makeup, any hair products if needed, and the clothes!
3. create a tutorial for the hair and makeup
4. have fun with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5. after you have done this, send the picture and tutorial video to me at my email:!

The contest deadline: Monday, March 26, 2012 at 12:00 AM Pacific Time
(I think it's pacific anyway.... just remember, if you live in Cali or Oregon, that time!!!)

Okay now you obviously want to know the prize right? the prize is:
dun dun dun dun

Your outfit and tutorial will be featured on my blog and you will receive a sneak peak at my new jewelry collection, and a free bracelet.
(My jewelery collection will be finished in summer 2012.)

P.s. for those of you like myself who don't like to show their face because of fear of stalkers and creepers or whatever can make just write out instructions for the beauty tutorial and not show your face in the outfit pic if you want. I'm not requiring anything because everyone should have a chance, but i would <3 it for you to make a tutorial!

Love and Luck,
Savvy Sarah