Friday, April 20, 2012

One of my many Role Models....

Elle Fanning is one of my role models because she has accomplished so much at a young age! She is only one year older than me, and has done movies, become a fashion icon, etc. Her sister, Dakota Fanning, has done a lot too, more than her, but I never really liked her as much as Elle. I was reading about Elle in Teen Vogue and I really liked how even though she is growing up, she still isn't afraid to be a kid. She says that she, unlike the other girls in her class, doesn't like to wear makeup and older looking clothes because she "would rather look like a two-year-old than a twenty-one year old." So yep, she's pretty cool. If your interested in watching some of her movies, I recomend Super 8 (it does have some bad language though which I don't want to promote), We Bought A Zoo (supersingly, I loved this movie!!! It's going on my favorites list for sure), and I would like to see Somewhere directed by Sofia Coppala, but it's rated R.... but anyhoo, you should check those out!! :)

elle in marie claire

                                                            with sister dakota in vogue

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I hope you understand.....

I'm sorry I haven't been posting lately, I have had a LOT of work at school, and my computer has been really slow! I promise I will start posting more after friday when my crazzy week is over!

Savvy Sarah