Wednesday, May 30, 2012

When you're a bit stressed

Do you have finals? Pressure about Graduating? Worried about if you can pass your classes? Well, if you are, don't worry, I know how you feel, except I'm not graduating yet, (thankfully.) Anyway, my mentality/philosophy during this time is: " Work. Work. Work. Even when everything is done work for extra points! There is no goal you think of that you can't achieve, if you put your mind to it. You may be tired, but you have what, a week left? Save the rest for summer and get done what you have to do. There's only a few days left, you can do it!!" Remember God is there for you too, He's the one to go to if you're feeling over-stressed. He will help you through it, if you ask for that, and guidence as well. Therefore, I encourage you, finish this year off with a BANG! (Whatever that phrase means...)

Print Jeans

I don't know why, but for summer, I've been planning on getting some print jeans. They are a super cute way to add some color and pattern to a white shirt and sneakers or boots. I don't really look good in pink, or like the color, but I had to make an exception for some of these jeans. I'm more of a light blue person. Baby blue is my favorite color. It's kind of a light, pretty, and mellow color. But, enough about color, let's see denim!

p.s. get these jeans at :)