Sunday, August 12, 2012

Be yourself

Heey guys sorry i haven't posted lately, just busy, doing stuff. but i wanted to just do this post to give you some confidence, especially since the school year is coming up (uggggggggggggggggggggh!) and I want you to start your year off right! So just listen, hope this helps you, and this is just my advice ignore it if you want and i will geinuinely not care, but i just wanted to be helpful so imma shut up now and get to the point! :)

So a lot of people in our world today, including myself sometimes, tend to hide our real selfs/ personality. We usually do this so we wont get embarassed or cuz were trying to look cool or something. Let me tell you, THAT is STUPID! People don't live our lives for us, it's our own other than that God created us! Live for yourself and don't care what anyone else thinks and be yourself! Laugh, dance around, be crazy! If you do something you think is embarassing,  UH WHO CARES! People won't remember it forever and if they make fun of you for it, then they obviously have nothing in their lives better to do! It's better to be yourself and be disliked then be someone else who nobody really knows their true self! Do things you are scared to do, take chances! Somebody might even admire you for it and go, " Hey! That's really cool that he (or she) can do that and be so confident!" If you be your true self more people will like you than others who find out that you are really not how you appear to be. Show people who you are, talk to people you like or want to be friends with, take a chance instead of regretting something and i pinky swear, you WO'NT regret it!! God gave you a unique personality, now show Him your thankful by showing it!! so overall, don't care what people think, live for you!

Love yah and hope this helps,
Savvy Sarah