Thursday, May 10, 2012

Vintage American Apparel

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, it's just its getting closer to the end of the school year, and I got a lottt of work to do! But, I just found some cute vintage stuff at American Apparel! check it out below.

this dress is very victorian and vintage, and i love how it is tiered.. so pretty!

this is an essential bag. you could use it for work, going shopping, maybe a day walking around downtown, school, etc. It has a nice color and a little vintage touch i just luuuuv!

this outfit is very bold, with the blue shirt and pants. I like the shirt and pants seperately, but a little too daring for me together. i would pair the blue crop top with some floral jean shorts and brown oxfords or jeans and converse. as for the pants, I would probably roll them up into capris and pair it with a tee and some black boots and a bunch of necklaces.

this outfit is fashion forward and work forward. it has that kind of office teacher look to it, but at the same time, it looks more modern. put together, its awwesome!

I love the colors of this dress sooo much! The fabric gives it a less plaid but more modern and crisp look to it. the pastel color reminds me of the louis vuitton spring collection.... but a bit on the cheaper side ;)

I love the vintage look to this bag and reminds me of a Chloe bag I saw!

This dress is very light and spring/summery looking. i love the flats paired with it too, it makes it stand out more.

This shirt is very versatile and pretty, anyway you wear it. you could pair it with some floral, jean, or vintage shorts like this model did. or maybe some ripped blue jeans or even a skirt!

Again, I am conflicted. I love these pieces, but it is too daring to wear together for me. i would probably wear the shirt with jeans and flats to modernize it a bit and the maxi skirt with a blue or pink breezy silk top!