Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Some summer picks

i'm going to do a summer haul post later, but I wanted to share some summer picks with you already! hope everyone is enjoying summer and the weather too...

look at bottom of all the pictures for descriptions :)


Carried away lotion- smells sweet and fresh, and mosturizes skin well

B&B surf spray- Gives your  waves a messy, beachy, texturized look

Oribe dry texturizing spray- adds volume and texture to blahish hair

Brazilian Keratin Therapy spray, shampoo, and conditioner by organix- I don't use the shampoo and the conditioner, but the spray alone works so well! Protects hair and keeps straight.
LA looks cashmere curls- For curly hair, this is a must. This gel is totally awesome, it moisturizes, keeps locks in place, and prevents frizz, all in one bottle!!

Mane n' Tail anti- dandruff shampoo- I used to have a bit of dandruff, but this shampoo completely takes all of it away! I use the olive oil one for xtra moistursing, but I'm sure the regular one works just as well. As long as you keep on using it, your dandruff should never be seen again yaaay! Even if you don't have dandruff, this is a great way to moisturize your scalp.

Coconut oil- Summer brings humidity, which usually brings dry hair. Get your smooth hair back with using this coconut oil! All you have to do is let it get to an ice creamy texture, then massage into hair. After that, put on a shower cap and leave it that way for several hours or overnight, then wash out. P.S. there are tutorials for this on youtube too! ;)

Hand Food lotion- this lotion is so amazing! i have really dry hands, kind of mild exema (or however you spell that..) which a lot of people have, but can't find a mild yet effective lotion, and this one is just perfect! If you use it at least once a day, I promise your hands will be a lot softer already, and it gets even better overtime.

Neutrogena Acne face and body washes- These washes smell sooo good, they are grapefruit scented! Plus, they help with acne on your face and body without overdrying your skin.

Olay complete UV moisturizer- I love this moistureizer so much because it has SPF 15 to keep the rays from damaging your skin, but it isn't sticky after I put it on and helps with my oily skin.

Covergirl Natureluxe gloss balm- light color shades without heavy synthetics, and smooths lips rather than dry it out like lipstick.

 Benefit Cosmetics Posie Tint- A liquid blush that can be applied to lips and cheeks. such a cute pink color!

Benefit Cosmetics Watt's Up!-  such a cute little highlighter that really does "light up" cheekbones, especially with blush or posie tint (above) applied.