Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hooray for EVERYONE!

All you small people out there, including myself who is probably the smallest, be proud of it! Everyone always says your too skinny and the other day on youtube, I saw some one comment that anorexic people are stupid. They don't choose to be that way! It disgusts me how people judge each other and have to be mean to one person to respect the other. You shouldn't have to call small people stupid just to raise up bigger people. That's just worse than how it was in the first place!Another example, today I was at forever 21 and since I don't really look like most kids my age, the lady at the fitting rooms turns toward me and crouches down and says "hi", in such a babyish voice. I said i have five clothes... and she replys, ok sweetheart let me get that for you! i wanted to tell her to her face, "hey! i'm not a three year old, lady!" Everyone should be treated equally, whether your big or small, black or white, etc. Then I walked out the doors with my bag over my shoulder, showing her I could make a purchase too. I just wanted to tell everyone that, so thank you for enduring this long reading! ( and i din't mean to direct this post to small people, it's just I was using myself as an example. Because if I wasn't I would be just as bad as the problem!!)

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