Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Vera Wang

How did I get the idea for wedding dresses from Vera Wang? Well, I was looking at a Kohl's catalog we got in the mail, and came upon these flats that were uber cute! Then I looked up the collection online, found her wedding dress collection instead, and thought ' Many people get married in the spring time, why not do a wedding gown post?' And I did. Vera's designs are so fresh, clean, and simple looking with a bit of flare. I just like how there's not too much going on and not too plain either, and some of the styles are even sort of vintage looking, with a bit of modern daringness, however you want to call it..... Well, I couldn't post my faves because the website won't let me save the pictures, but here's the whole collection below! Enjoy!
                                                                      -Savvy Sarah-

Vera Wang | Wedding | Bridal Collections | Spring 2012

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