Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I went to Noodles and Company yesterday, and honestly, I am obsessed with their food!! One of my favorite foods is pasta and at Noodles and Co. they have a huge variety of like ways it is served. I had the Pesto Cavatapi (or however you spell that!) with the parmesan chicken, and without the mushyrooms (yuccccccccky!) and it was soooo good. They basically put pesto and a cream on the noodles, sprinkle some cheese, and crust the chicken with parmesan, and voila! The other dishes I have tried and like there is the Wisconsin Mac n' Cheese and Buttered Noodles. So I encourage you to try it, its delicious!! :)

Pesto Cavatapi!!!!

Buttered Noodles!!!

Wisconsin Mac n' Cheese!

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