Sunday, June 24, 2012

Interior Deco: DIY bottle lights

I got the inspiration for this when I was drinking Izze soda which is in a glass bottle. :) I also had this artificial flower, so I thought it would be cool to put the petals and other decorating stuff in the bottle and hang it up with a fringy kind of rope or just like with some candles. Then I got the idea to hang it up with tea lights inside or some light bulbs. Found out you cant really put a light bulb into the bottle unfortunately. But, after I looked it up online I found (and impovised..) some instructions to do the project and what materials are needed.

A glass bottle (wine bottle shaped)
Gloves and Safety Goggles/ Glasses
Lamp kit
Light Bulb
Duct tape or piping tape
Spray paint (optional)
Marbles or any kind of "fill item" like that
Cool lamp shade (optional, in my opinion, it looks more modern and creative without it, but its up 2 u!)
Screws/nails and piece of metal (optional)
Huge hammer!, like the ones used for hammering in tent pegs

How to do it: (easier explained video beneath this) ;)
1. Tape the neck of the bottle and spray paint that part
2. Drill a hole in the back of the bottle
3. Insert the lamp kit cord into the bottle from the bottom
4. Place the spacer (from lamp kit)  into the bottle neck and add tape if needed
5. Add marbles or whatever item you have into the bottle, filling the whole bottle.
6. Mount base plate (from lamp kit) against the top of the bottle and secure with light fixture
7. Attach wiring onto the base plate
8. Add the lamp shade on top or if you want to go with my idea, tie rope (very!!!) securely around bottle neck. Next, take your flat metal piece and hammer the sides of it so the rope can be secured on the ceiling. Then, screw it onto the ceiling on both sides with your nails and if you want, spray paint it the color of your ceiling and plug it in. If it does not feel secure on the ceiling and/or the bottle pleeease remove because it wouldnt be good if it feel and shattered all over the floor!! that would be a messy clean up :/

my resources for this project were:
and this video below which may be helpful for this project:

                                                     Hope you enjoy this DIY!!!
                                                               Savvy Sarah

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