Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Having an ugggh! day

Have you ever had an uggh! day before? Not necessarily a bad day but like when u wake up and your hair is all pooofy and u still feel tired, staying home all day... you don't really feel too happy. So here's how to fix that!

1. sometimes part of having a ugh day is being stressed. Some people might just take an asprin and brush it off as a headache, but thats not always the best solution. Some good, natural ways to de-stress are:
a. Eat healthier!
Taking the time to eat properly will likely cut your stress in half; you’ll feel better and have more energy. Taking care of yourself is basically the antithesis of stress because you’re focusing on bettering yourself rather than spreading yourself thin.
b. Exercise
Exercise is the ultimate stress reliever because you simultaneously release endorphins, increase your energy and build confidence. You’ll instantly feel better and be better-suited to handle any upcoming problems or projects.
c. Take a bubble bath
Bring the spa to you and soak away your worries. Plus it cuts down on your water and energy intake compared with taking a shower.
d. Stretch!
Whether through yoga or just stretching out your limbs first thing in the morning or during break, loosening up will help your body (and mind) both energize and relax.
e. Do something creative
Paint, garden, cook, feng shui, write haikus… No matter what you choose, doing something fun and hands on will make you feel self-satisfied and have a positive perspective for dealing with other things
(for more ideas visit: http://www.fourgreensteps.com/infozone/lifestyle-health/top-25-natural-stress-remedies which also the source of a-e)

2. Freshen up. although you may seem tired and feel like you don't want to do anything, getting out of your pj's, washing your face, and even taking a shower will help you feel less sluggish. And try a bath with some calming music and a face mask, that is another way to de-stress too.

3. do something!!!! don't just sit and watch tv all day! do something fun or creative so you wont get cabin fever. sing, dance, paint, garden, cook, whatever! just do something :)

                                         hope this helps you beat your uggggggh!!! day!
                                                                   Savvy Sarah

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