Saturday, February 25, 2012

DIY 3-D Nails!

Hey, guess what!? Today you get a project, DIY 3-D nails! Pretty cool, huh? I got the original idea from Teen Vogue, but used different sparkles and nail polish. It doesn't look TOTALLY 3-D, sparkly more than anything, sorry I'm not the best nail artist!

So, what your gonna need:
Any color glitter
Any color nail polish (I suggest sinful colors, that's the one I used.)
Clear top coat polish 
small makeup brush

How to:
First, paint your nails with the color nail polish. Quickly after applying, sprinkle glitter on top. Use makeup brush to lightly push in the glitter. Then let dry. Next, paint another coat of color on top of the glitter (optional, it just makes the nail polish color stand out more...) After letting the nails dry again, apply clear top coat polish.
Then yippie You got your 3-D nails!! :)
Sorry i was using my webcam for the pictures so they didn't turn out that nice :(

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